How To Make Rangoli Designs With Kundan Stones

Kundan stones are glittering gemstones traditionally used in jewelry now being integrated into a new form of rangoli art. By inlaying these stones into rangoli powder beds, the results are intricately sparkling designs perfect for Diwali decoration. Though advanced, the sense of achievement upon completing these is unparalleled.

kundan rangoli designs

How To Make Rangoli Designs With Kundan Stones – Quick and Easy Steps

  • Have an assortment of cut kundan stones handy in colours
  • Sketch designs beforehand indicating stone placements
  • Systematically set stones into thick powder beds 2/3rd deep
  • Secure borders first before working inwards
  • Adjust loose stones gently without smudging
  • Allow rangoli to fully dry before transport

Choosing Your Gemstone Shapes and colours 

Kundan stones come in an array of dazzling hues and cut shapes to pick from. Generally, calibrated sizes between 2mm to 4mm work best for stability within rangoli beds. Have an assortment handy before you begin:

  • Round stones to outline concentric circles
  • Tear drops to border eyes and petals
  • Squares/triangles for geometric patterns
  • Hearts, stars and other cuts for creativity

Methodical Planning

Methodical Planning is Key Good planning is half the battle with ornate kundan rangolis. Here are useful steps to employ:

  • Sketch out full design beforehand: This gives placement guidance once you begin setting stones. Include measurements.
  • Section out areas: Mentally divide the rangoli into portions to systematically work on rather than tackling everything together.
  • Work from outlines inward: Secure borders with stones first before filling inner sections.
Design ElementKundan Embellishment Ideas
FlowersAccent petals and centers
PeacocksOutline feathers, beaks and crest edges
MandalasLayer circles concentrically with rounds
Geometric shapesStud along straight lines and angular bends

Securing Kundan Stones in Place

The final challenge lies in firmly securing each stone without disturbing previously placed ones.

  • Press stones into thick powder beds so that 2/3rd height sits within. This prevents toppling.
  • Work patiently to adjust any loose stones using tweezers without smudging boundaries.
  • Let powder beds fully dry before moving or transporting the design.

Conclusion – How To Make Rangoli Designs With Kundan Stones

Though testing your patience, crafting kundan rangolis is immensely fulfilling once gleaming stones align into gorgeous motifs. The dazzling results will have guests astonished at your creativity this Diwali season.

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FAQ – How To Make Rangoli Designs With Kundan Stones

Q: What type of rangoli powder should I use with the stones? 

A: Use fine-grained powders that can be piled thickly to hold the kundan stones, like multi-purpose white rangoli or sand-based colours.

Q: How do I stop the stones from getting displaced while working? 

A: Set key border stones first so inner sections have definition. Also work methodically in increments, allowing applied areas to set before moving on.

Q: Can I polish or coat the stones beforehand for added sparkle? 

A: An optional clear nail polish coating amplifies shine. But don’t over-lacquer or stones may slip. Wash off coating after design is dismantled.

Q: Is there an easy way to remove all the stones together without damage? 

A: Yes. Carefully apply a damp cloth over the rangoli and gently press down till the bed flattens out. Lift cloth vertically to collect all stones without scratching.

Q: How durable are these rangolis? Can I preserve my design? 

A: Kundan stones last longer but powders still fade over days. Preserve your hard work by taking high resolution pictures at multiple angles and distances for keepsakes.

Q: Can I use artificial rhinestones instead of authentic kundan stones? 

A: Rhinestones make good affordable substitutes though they lack the antiqued regality. Ensure size and cut consistency for proper embedding.

Q: What basic design elements suit kundan rangolis? 

A: Intricate mandalas, concentric circular borders, angular geometric shapes, and embellished floral patterns truly shine with kundan detailing.

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