About Me – Shivani, the Creative Mind Behind Rangoli Designs

Hello there. I’m Shivani, the artistic soul and creator behind “Rangoli Designs”. As someone who has played with colours and patterns since childhood, my journey into the world of art has been nothing short of a vibrant adventure.

Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, I found my heart skipping a beat for one particular form of art – Rangoli. The tradition of creating intricate floor art has been my constant companion, guiding me through the beautiful tapestry of life.

Rangoli, for me, is more than just a visual treat; it’s a language of expression, a canvas where stories unfold with every carefully placed grain of colour. My passion for this ancient art form has fueled my desire to share its magic with the world, leading me to create this blog.

In “Rangoli Designs,” I invite you to join me on a creative journey. Here, I share not only the artistry of Rangoli but also the stories and experiences that have shaped my relationship with this form of expression. Expect a sprinkle of tips, a dash of inspiration, and a palette of colours to ignite your own creative spark.

Whether you’re a seasoned Rangoli enthusiast or someone taking their first steps into this world of intricate beauty, I hope to make this blog a cozy corner where creativity knows no bounds. Let’s paint the virtual canvas together and celebrate the timeless allure of Rangoli.

Thank you for being a part of this colourful adventure!

Warm regards,

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